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At Top Stitch Embroidery one of the great joys in this business is seeing a customer’s idea come to life. We recently had the pleasure of working with the Rowdy Riders. This is a local group that came to us with an idea for custom screen printing to help support a great local cause.


The Concept

The concept was for a custom screen printed t-shirt that had a beer bottle and a gun making a cross shape. Here is a photo of the original idea.

custom screen printing

This was not just another t-shirt design, it was very personal and important to the customer that the concept turned into a t-shirt design that represented the Rowdy Riders appropriately. Here is the story behind the concept.


The Rowdy Riders

Robert Wayne Henry Sr. was diagnosed with Bone Cancer on November 21, 2012, and passed away on February 7, 2013. In this brief time, Senior never gave up hope.  He truly believed that he would beat the odds of cancer and have time with his family. He enjoyed his retirement years; going to South Carolina with his wife Mary; buying the new truck that he dreamed of; watching his grandchildren grow up and enjoying their adventures, but Cancer won, and we lost an incredibly loving man. Senior loved loud pipes, big guns, and cold beer. He was a man of pride and love, and this is why we began the memorial ride, to honor him as he didn’t want a funeral service. Instead, he wanted us to go on the bikes and celebrate his life. With this ride, we wanted to help other families that are struggling with a life-threatening diagnosis.

The first year of our Memorial ride, the donations we collected went to one of Senior’s dearest friends suffering from cancer, Donna Darling. We collected almost $700.00. Unfortunately, she passed away in March 2015.

The second Memorial ride, we sponsored a young boy Kenneth Sanborn, with a rare cancer, Pleomorphic Sarcoma. We collected over $700.00 and with that money his family was able to get him clothes and whatever else he needed at the time. Since the ride, Kenneth has lost his leg, but they believe he will now be cancer free.

For the remaining years that we continue this ride, we will keep helping families that are struggling with cancer.

We thank each and every one of you as we continue this journey because this is the way we honor Senior and his memory!

-The Henry Family


The Final Design

After working with the Rowdy Riders on the concept of the t-shirt in support of the Robert Wayne Henry Sr. Memorial Ride we came up with a design that spoke beautifully to who Robert Wayne was. This is one of the many reasons why we love working with people and businesses in the Upper Valley region. We get to see how their ideas come to life in the many different types of custom embroidered and custom screen printed apparel.

custom screen printing

If you would like to support the Rowdy Memorial Ride it will be taking place on Saturday, May 21st, 2016.

Here is the webpage for more information:!the-rowdy-memorial-ride/c1lon

custom screen printing