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Have you every heard the phrase, “I can’t find anything I like!” for clothing? If you have spent countless hours looking for clothing for your business, we get it. That is why Custom Embroidered Clothing is the perfect solution. Here are two key reasons you should go custom and stop buying generic.

Custom Embroidered Clothing

1 Creating your own makes you stand out

Custom clothing gives you the ability to distinguish yourself from your competition and look your best. Regardless of what trends are going on in your industry, custom clothing allows you to create something no one else has.

Seeing your custom clothing worn by your customers, friends, and family is:

  • incredibly rewarding
  • promotes your brand
  • advertises your business to thousands of eyeballs

At Top Stitch Embroidery we have been working with customers throughout the Upper Valley region for more than twenty years. We can help you take your concepts from ideas to reality. Once the design is done, we give you a proof of concept and then print or stitch everything in your design.


2 Real People, Real Results

Yes, we are actual people you can work with. That is one of the advantages that we have over online vendors. We live, work and play in the Upper Valley area. Our kids go to school with many of our customers.

Most of our customers have long-standing relationships with us that have spanned over the years. We are all about excellent customer service at very competitive pricing against our competitors and online vendors.

No amount of automation can replace the personalization and experience that Top Stitch Embroidery employees provide to customers. We make sure every part of the process is crystal clear and will offer our expert recommendations every step of the way.


Are you getting ready for Christmas at your office or home? Stop in a see what promotional items we have available and clothing lines for employee appreciation gifts. We love questions and can help you out with your ideas. Give us a call at (603) 448-2931 or stop by our shop at 233 Mascoma Street, Lebanon, NH.