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Six Effective Uses of Custom Embroidery in Company Uniforms

Custom Embroidery

There are many benefits to having custom embroidery on your company uniforms. One is they add a special touch to your uniforms that make your employees stand out in the crowd. Here are six compelling reasons why you should use custom embroidery for your company uniforms. 1 Professionalism Custom embroidery, when stitched on a white cotton t-shirt, can say a lot about your business. Most businesses invest in quality materials such as polo shirts, button-up Read More […]

3 Promotional Marketing Ideas to Bring New Clients This Summer

Promotional Marketing

Are you experiencing a slump in sales this summer? Are you searching for new customers? Have you considered promotional products for your events, giveaways or just general branding? Here are three ideas to help you with Promotional Marketing this summer. 1 Why Promotional Products What are promotional products to begin with? Anything that you can print or custom embroider can become a promotional product. Most companies use a t-shirt, polo shirts, dress shirts, hats, pens, Read More […]

Use Custom Embroidery On Uniforms To Promote and Grow Your Business

What is a uniform? Most people think of school uniforms for sports teams or private schools. Custom Embroidery on uniforms is a great way to build team spirit or project the brand of your company to your potential customers. We custom embroider on uniforms for sports teams, hospitality services, and service based companies. Here are the benefits of using Custom Embroidery on your company uniforms.   Why a uniform for you business? Uniforms come in hundreds Read More […]

Getting Your Logo Ready For A Custom Embroidered T-Shirt

Custom Embroidered T-Shirt

Custom Embroidered T-shirt designs can be fun, professional or outrageous depending on how you are going to use it. When you are converting your logo or other graphic design elements into a Custom Embroidered T-shirt, often some details can get lost in translation. This is also true for custom embroidered hats. What you see on the screen and what you see in the Custom Embroidered T-shirt is different. So, how do you overcome the challenges Read More […]