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Did you know at the end of 2015 there were 50.1 million kids enrolled in public school in the United States? 4.9 million of those kids are high school students, and the rest are Pre-K to 8th grade. Why do we bring this up? At Top Stitch Embroidery we work with many of area schools in the Upper Valley region on Custom Embroidery projects. Schools like Hartford, Lebanon, Hanover, Woodstock, Kimball Union Academy, Cardigan Mountain School, etc.. Many of our customers are not just customers. They are local business owners, sports directors, coaches, parents, and students.

Custom Embroidery

The common thread with our clients is they have children in sports, and we provide sports uniforms to many of the local schools. We love working with parents, student athletes and sports directors. Each uniform is unique in design, color, material and the athletes that wear them. That is why we strive to deliver great prices, excellent service, and high-quality materials to each and every customer.


Here are some Custom Embroidery ideas for back to school apparel for the 2016-17 school year.

1 Uniform Embroidery

Approximately 16% of schools today in the United States have a school uniform. Polo shirts or skirts emblazoned with the school crest or logo is one of the types of uniforms that we can do.


2 Friday Tees & Trip Shirts

Many public schools today encourage students to buy school T-shirts to wear on Fridays and on special event days. This helps the students to promote school spirit. Because we work so closely with many of the schools, we can help your student design a T-shirt, sweatshirt or other apparel that matches the school colors and logo.


3 School Spirit For Parents

Many parents today are active in their students lives in sports, music and many other school activities. We find that many of the parents are proud of their students and want to participate in school spirit too. That is another reason why we offer teachers, coaches and parents apparel in adult sizes.


4 Bling or Promotional Materials

Did you know that Top Stitch Embroidery can do more than custom screen printing and custom embroidery? Yes, we have a full line of promotional products that can be branded to your school colors and logos. This is another great way to promote the school, the sports teams and the athletes at your child’s school.


Stop in and talk to Cody or Tracy and find out how we can help you get setup for back to school this year. If you are super busy, don’t worry. We have a great new design online portal that allows you to create your own design and preview it before it prints. Click here for DESIGN ONLINE TOOL.