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Custom Embroidered Uniforms

The Olympics is the pinnacle of the competitive sports world. Stronger, faster athletes breaking records all have a direct correlation with the apparel they wear. For the past 20 years, we have worked with athletes in the Upper Valley to create high-quality Custom Embroidered Uniforms. Since then There have been tremendous technological advancements in sports apparel in the past 40 years.

There have also been improvements in fashion with these high-tech fabrics. All of this technology is developed for amateur athletes. These types of sports apparel stand out because more young people than ever care about their physical activities than before. Men and Women alike are more aware of the kinds of sports clothing they are wearing today. That is fashion is playing a big part in high school, college, and pro sports apparel.

Here are some of the innovative technologies that we have at our fingertips because of companies like Nike, North Face, and Under Armour.


CoolSwitch Tech

This tech will allow athletes to cool their bodies and fight the heat directly through the fabrics they wear.



Streaker Tech

Streaker tech for clothing is cool allowing the athlete to stay dryer longer. It contains a low water absorption, fast dry anti-shrink polyester that feels soft as cotton.



FlashDry Tech

North Face is also bringing a similar tech to the scene that consists of fiber that is woven into their materials that won’t wash out. It effectively transfers body moisture to an external layer keeping you dry and warm in the winter.



At Top Stitch Inc we love working with local schools to create fresh new designs on state-of-the-art sports clothing. Many of today’s athletes can have their names, number and team logo custom screen printed on the clothing or custom embroidered.

We have a wide range of sports clothing available to order for the single athlete or whole teams. Give us a call to find out how we can help you stay trendy and exciting as a team. We are your local custom embroidery and custom screen printing shop that has very competitive rates.