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There are millions of color variations that you can use for custom screen printing, but should you? Choosing a random color won’t give you the consistency that you need each time you order your apparel. That is why Pantone colors are so important.

Custom Screen Printing

Pantone Colors

What are Pantone colors? Pantone is a standardized color matching system that is used throughout the world. Pantone colors help printers throughout the world match colors without direct contact with each other. There are 1,114 Pantone colors that you can choose from.

How to Use Pantone Colors

The Pantone solid color system allows the printer to print the exact same color on your shirts each time. First, you go and find your color. Once you have found your color, copy the Pantone color value from their website and send to our team. Now we can mix the ink to the same consistency each time for your custom screen printed projects.


Colors To Avoid

First, the danger here is when you are printing on a dark shirt or other textiles. Some colors just don’t stand out enough against dark colored shirts. That leaves you the customer with a product that doesn’t exactly look the way you wanted.


  1. Royal Blue 286C/Hex:3255A4

This is one of the most commonly used colors on the market today. It lightens up when you are printing on an under base. Instead of using this color, try using a Super Opaque Royal. 286C tends to have uneven coverage and lightens up through the project. Super Opaque Royal has a more consistent color when printing.


  1. Reflex Blue C/Hex:001489

In this case, Reflex Blue C will print better as Blue 280C. The hex value is #012169. The 280C color will lighten up and look more like the Reflex Blue C. This is if you are printing on a white under base.


  1. FluorescentInks

These are colors that range from 801C to 814C. They are transparent. Super bright colors are tough to translate from the design screen to a printed shirt. If you have to print fluorescent colors, consider using a white shirt and not dark colors. Here is a good color for a fluorescent color Pantone 381C. Here are some other Pantone fluorescent colors: 807C-Hot Pink, 805C-Orange/Pink, 804C-Orange, 803C-Yellow, 802C-Green.


  1. Red Pantone Colors

This is a great Pantone red color, but it tends to lighten on an under base. A stronger red color, for example, is Pantone 186C. If you step up one shade of color as it lightens, you will maintain the consistency in color.


Standard Colors to Use

When deciding on a color for your brand, consider starting with embroidery thread options first. This pallet is the most limited, once a color is chosen, it is easy to match with other logo application processes.


Here some color ideas:

  • Antique Royal Blue
  • Antique Cherry Red
  • Antique Irish Green
  • Ash Gray
  • Azalea Pink
  • Black
  • Blue Dusk
  • Cardinal Red
  • Carolina Blue
  • Charcoal Gray

Custom Screen Printing