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Upper Valley Custom Embroidered Apparel: Keep Your Brand In Style

Upper Valley Custom Embroidered Apparel

Branded custom embroidered apparel is a great way to brand your business. Custom embroidered apparel and screen printed products are powerful marketing tools. Our staff at Top Stitch has been helping businesses, schools, and non-profits throughout the region with these tools. Here are three ways to promote your brand with Custom Embroidered Apparel in the Upper Valley. Internal Staff First look to your employees to promote your brand. No, you don’t have to get them out in Read More […]

20 Marketing Tips for Upper Valley Retail Stores & Service Businesses

Upper Valley

Small businesses owners can very easily get involved in the day-to-day operations of their retail store. Spending time brainstorming marketing and promotional ideas to increase sales can be time-consuming. Here are 20 marketing ideas for retailers in the Upper Valley. Create a company calendar with your store’s name on it. List the products or services that you offer on the back of your business card. Always carry business cards with you. Pass a prospect your Read More […]

Six Effective Uses of Custom Embroidery in Company Uniforms

Custom Embroidery

There are many benefits to having custom embroidery on your company uniforms. One is they add a special touch to your uniforms that make your employees stand out in the crowd. Here are six compelling reasons why you should use custom embroidery for your company uniforms. 1 Professionalism Custom embroidery, when stitched on a white cotton t-shirt, can say a lot about your business. Most businesses invest in quality materials such as polo shirts, button-up Read More […]

Helping Spread The Word About The Mascoma River Greenway Project

At Top Stitch Embroidery, we are proud to support a great local project in the Upper Valley “The Mascoma River Greenway”. We had the pleasure of working with them to design t-shirts, fleece vest, and jackets to help them raise funds for their project. If you have not heard of the Mascoma River Greenway, here’s a short introduction to the project. Mascoma River Greenway It will be a 4-mile multi-use pathway for bikes, runners, and Read More […]

Getting Your Logo Ready For A Custom Embroidered T-Shirt

Custom Embroidered T-Shirt

Custom Embroidered T-shirt designs can be fun, professional or outrageous depending on how you are going to use it. When you are converting your logo or other graphic design elements into a Custom Embroidered T-shirt, often some details can get lost in translation. This is also true for custom embroidered hats. What you see on the screen and what you see in the Custom Embroidered T-shirt is different. So, how do you overcome the challenges Read More […]

Get the Most Out of Your Upper Valley Custom Embroidered Hat

Upper Valley Custom Embroidered Hat

Did you know that the first baseball hat was made out of straw in 1849? Yes, it is hard to believe that the baseball hat has been around that long. The first team to wear a baseball hat was the New York Knickerbockers.  Today the baseball hat or ball cap is used for many different types of sports and recreational purposes. When you buy an Upper Valley Custom Embroidered hat, you have the unique opportunity to Read More […]

Upper Valley Custom Screen Printing for the Rowdy Riders

At Top Stitch Embroidery one of the great joys in this business is seeing a customer’s idea come to life. We recently had the pleasure of working with the Rowdy Riders. This is a local group that came to us with an idea for custom screen printing to help support a great local cause.   The Concept The concept was for a custom screen printed t-shirt that had a beer bottle and a gun making Read More […]

10 Reasons Why You Shop Locally for an Upper Valley Custom Screen Printing

In many small towns, citizens sometimes complain about losing their sense of community. But what holds our communities together are the small business owners. They live, work and play in these communities. Your local business scene is something that is unique to your city. Travelers and people moving here look for unique qualities they appeal to themselves. Here are 10 reasons why you should shop for local upper valley custom screen printing service. 1 Keep The Money Read More […]

Design Contest Winner & Family

Thanks again Kenzie for entering our online design contest, and we appreciate you sharing this photo of you and your family wearing your t-shirts!! We had fun with the Holiday T-shirt Design Contest and are looking forward to the next one… perhaps Mardi Gras Imagination… or St. Patty’s Day Spirit? Let us know if you have any suggestions!!